Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who is Poker Chick?

The question on everyone's minds: who is Poker Chick, international woman of mystery? She is the new superhero. She is your friend, relative, colleague. Her random knowledge is endless. Ask her to interpret focus group data. Ask her what the Hungry Caterpillar ate on Wednesday. In two languages. Or maybe even three. Ask her about the latest celebrity gossip. Ask her what to wear, even for random ocassions like pseudo-weddings. Ask her how to tell what kind of jeans people are wearing just by looking at their butts. Ask her what Brian Boitano would do. You can even ask her what the hell Siegfried and Roy have to do with poker.

Yes, Poker Chick knows it all. And, dare say, has it all. Career and family. Beauty and brains. Imagination and wit. A breathtakingly beautiful genius-child. A wonderfully delusional inner world. She's a trail-blazing trendsetter hidden beneath a cynical surface of endearing clumsiness and innate nerdiness. Your typical neurotic Jewish girl with secret powers. Or was that secret tequila? Ahem. Poker Chick is getting ahead of herself. Well, at the very least, she's got some interesting warped thoughts.

So let's go back to reality for a second. The original impetus behind this blog was grounded in efficiency. I was going abroad for a while and wanted to find an easy way to update my loved ones about my travels. Later I found that it was a good way to keep in touch with far-away family. Then, surprisingly, others asked for more posts. Finally random people started sending comments on a regular basis and thus came Blogger Chicks, Alltop, and Jon Stewart. Fine, so the last one's just a fantasy. But the rest is true. Despite the new friends, my friends and family have been the biggest fans and it is with them in mind that I post most often.

Now that you've found Poker Chick, does this mean that you are hereby obligated to bookmark this site and check it regularly? That is for you alone to decide.

Now, some people will assert that blogs are egotistical. A highly-evolved technological form of conceit, if you will. Please. As if. These critics make these statements sound like accusations. I say: how is this a bad thing? Hooray for humanity! Embrace your inner Narcissus! Now since I've never been one to shy away from modern trends, why not a blog? Besides, recent trend intel advises that modesty is currently over-valued. You heard it here first.

Vanity, thy name is Poker Chick.

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