Friday, December 1, 2006

Argentina, day 1 (Hours 1-48)

Poker Chick will forego scintillating societal commentary for a time and keep an online diary instead. Post one, the really long two-day day:

[More on this when I'm sober and have had some sleep. Which I didn't get on the flight. One thing I can boast about is that it seems I know more Spanish than I thought. After waiting in a 15 minute line at the end of an 11-hour flight to get into a really really gross bathroom, the guy behind me tries to go in just as it's my turn. Somehow out from my mouth spurts "Estoy primera!!" I didn't even know if it was the right thing to say, or if it was even Spanish (I've since verified it said exactly what I meant it to). Wherever she is, I know my mother is proud. Fantastico!]

I promised more on the flight and here it is...

Setup: An overfull 10pm flight that lands at 10am the next morning. Sweet. A middle seat in coach. Seat F. (See map of airplane on left).

The pinnacle of redeye coach middle seats, F, apparently boasts the location of the shining platinum box. The treasure chest located under that special seat is a lovely square box, right where your left foot would want to go. So not only was I on a redeye in coach, I couldn't stretch my legs out to sleep. Now, the seat to my left was one of the only seats left open. On the other side of it was a Chasidic man and his young boy. The sadist in me wanted to switch seats. Partly for the legroom and partly just to piss him off. I mean, what if I fell asleep and my head fell to the left and I accidentally drooled on his shoulder? How funny, I mean wrong, would that be? So I kept my seat because I knew if I was too close I wouldn't be able to resist the mischief. So Poker Chick was a good girl once more. And she made friends with the lovely flight attendant instructor from Bahrain on her right. And slept about 40 winks.


As this was a delirious day of sleeplessness, caffeine and alcohol, let's sum up in as few words as possible (or as few words as I'm capable of):

Check into insane hotel. No one reading this will believe the details like the welcome bottle of wine and other lovely personal touches like haagen daz in the freezer, brie in the fridge, and fresh flowers and condoms in the bathroom. Cannot get over the personal cell phone we are all given for use all around the hotel grounds. Coolest technology ever. I feel like James Bond or something in this place. I will soon post pictures to prove that even my imagination cannot make this stuff up.

Spend 10 minutes in unbelieveable infinity pool. Awe in cool South-Beachy scene, as gorgeous model types sip champagne in the warm pool while techno music blares. I secretly thank Daddy once again for the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses I have on.

Spend the next 2 hours in wet bathing suit discussing flights and location/shoot options. This meeting also eliminates any previous fear I may have had of being in a bikini around Clients.

The next few hours were spent in heaven. In heaven I got:
Wine. Really, really, really good wine.
Cheese. Fried, melty, gooey cheese.
Empanadas. You all think you've had one. You haven't.
Meat. A really, really good filet. From an Argentinian cow.
Even better than the meat, the lovely Sarah likes her meat just the way I do: not red and not giant. Hooray for sharing!
Creamed Spinach.
Wine. Did I mention the wine?
Fried Sweet potatoes.
The local Argentinian dessert: the best damn dulce de leche flan I've ever had. OK, maybe it was the only. But it was one of the top 5 desserts I've ever had in my entire life.

Spent next 5 minutes in post-glutton bliss while others ooh'd and aah'd over baby pictures I had in the camera.

After heaven we walked around this gorgeous downtown area and we decided that despite all the press this city is beautiful and clean and safe. Which meant I was perfectly free to walk around tipsy and full in heels with my prada bag taking pictures of all the architecture with my camera. YO SOY TURISTA!! Of course, as I soon found out, it is wise to stop walking while you are looking up and taking pictures. Otherwise you don't see what's in front of you and walk right into a cement pole that ends at your knee. I literally saw stars. The haagen daz in the freezer is now icing my leg into delightful numbness. I think I may have another broken toe too. Well, at least the Client now has fair warning on my klutziness. He said he now believes me. Woo hoo.

Meanwhile, I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this city. I really didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. It really is like being in Europe. The city itself is beautiful, the people are so nice, everything is so chic and modern and sophisticated, and the Spanish spoken hear sounds beautiful. I even love our chaperone! She is truly an excellent Agency/Client babysitter. Even went out to dinner with us and ordered for everyone. After the prepro tomorrow she's setting us up with an appointment at a factory warehouse where they have 50% of prices of leather goods prices. Yay, Argentinian cows! I love you, Augustina! Even better, I just found out BA has a riverboat casino. I really AM in heaven!!

More to come. Estoy mareado. Now I must sleep, ice my leg, and find more empanadas. I have no idea what order I will do this in.

I look forward to going to the prepro tomorrow, and announcing to everyone "Me duele al tucarlo." Buenos noches, todos.


Ms.Athena said...

You truly are a clutz - I love it :)
In a few years, we can take Sydney there :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, as is infant Poker Chick. Maybe you can pay for the shoot with poker winnings from the casino.