Monday, December 4, 2006

Argentina, Days 2 and 3

The longest and most stressful pre-pro ever, Senor Tango, and yet more klutziness (almost fell of a chair). Client "Stole" my sweater but I got him back by "stealing" his souvenirs. Bought a boatload of cool stuff for about 300 pesos. More red wine. My first close-to-a sunburn (who knew that south of the equator the sun in summer is stronger, not to mention it's closer to the hole in the ozone? Should I have used sunscreen? Perhaps).

Meanwhile, have learned some fascinating facts about the country, history, political system, culture, and the rate of anorexia (largest size is a us women's 8. and I've never seen so many plastic boobies in one place).

More to come. Faithful readers should continue to check out the links for more info.

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