Saturday, April 7, 2007

Poker Chick is Special

If you've ever received an unexpected windfall, you'll know how Poker Chick feels today. It started with a flight to Vegas. Many decisions needed to be made before booking. Thursday or Friday? Redeye return or not? 4 or 5 nights? Which airline?

After a week of waffling, way too much overthinking, and annoying every friend I have with a request for advice, I decided to book my flight. Friday am departure. Mon. night redeye return; going straight to work. Just one question left....Delta or Jet Blue?

Jet Blue was about $40 more for virtually the same times, but they're more comfortable, so I decided to go with them. Now, this classless airline eliminates any possibility for business class upgrades, but I'm smart enough to know that battle is lost before it can start. However, just to make sure, I called Delta. Yep, just as I thought. I'd have to buy a totally refundable ticket in order to qualify for an upgrade, or even use my miles. $500 more. So not worth it.

That settled it. A decision had been made!

I go online the next day, fully intending to book my ticket. Except now the Delta flight is $100 cheaper. Yikes! What do I do? More waffling, of course. Finally, I clicked "confirm booking" on Expedia, sealing my fate with Delta. I knew it was time to relax and breathe. But I'm still not sure I made the right decision, even though it was too late. I went to the Delta website and put in my frequent flyer number, curious to see if I could have gotten some sort of better deal. The same flights popped up, for the same price I paid on Expedia. Except there was this "request upgrade" button. WTF was this?

Anyone who's flown a redeye from the West Coast knows just how valuable business class can be. So I wasn't ready to let this rest. I called Delta again, only this time I called Skymiles and gave them my frequent flyer #. Guess what???? Poker Chick is a Silver Medallion member. What does this mean? Special line for check in, best selection of coach seats, priority boarding and.......


Does anyone remember that time Poker Chick junior and I got randomly bumped up? Turns out it wasn't pity. It was superiority. Click here to see just how special I am.

I'm sticking with Delta, baby!

*Subject to availability

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