Monday, May 7, 2007

Vegas, days 2 and 3

Random happenings from Vegas:

Snagged a ticket to see "O" at the last minute. First box near the stage. Unreal seats. Unreal show.

Hung out with a couple of random French people who came all the way here just to see the boxing match. They were here for four days. In that four days they saw the fight (de la Hoya lost!), saw Tom Jones, took a helicoptor tour of the Grand Canyon, and and were seeing "O". I believe they had also been playing $25,000 a hand blackjack. They could hardly speak English, yet one of them had been in NY to run the Marathon. They were very happy about their new President and telling me about casinos in Normandie. It was all very odd. Sadly, it's clear that my French now sucks.

The hookers at Bellagio were much fancier than those at Paris. Some even had Jimmy Choos.

I tripped on the strip late at night. High heel got caught in pavement crack. Poker Chick went flying. Heel semi-broke. Let me tell you, If you're ever alone in a cool place like Vegas, it's a great conversation starter for those around you. Fortunately, the giant bruise on my
elbow (which still has a scab on May 21st!) was endured in private.
Finally, to top off a lovely trip, Delta came through for me. I left Vegas on the red-eye with a stunning view of the strip at night, sitting comfortably in First Class. Now that's what I call leaving in Vegas in style!
PCF (i.e. "Daddy"), if you're reading this, thanks for the trip!

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