Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Pet Peeve List

It's here, Poker Chick's list of Pet Peeves! This link will always be on the navbar and will be updated from time to time. This is a group list, so what irks you?? Bring it on: the good, the bad, the ugly, the annoying the un-PC...don't watch a no-no and suffer in silence! Write to Poker Chick and vent, baby!

  1. Fat, shirtless old men smoking cigars on the beach. 'Nuff said.
  2. Crocs. They're good for kids, good for water, not so good for grown men on the town. Especially egregious in construction-orange.
  3. 1980's-clad men (black hat, earring, etc.) grabbing their crotch while in line at the bagel store. Dude, not appropriate over or under the pants, and we definitely didn't need to see both. Now you can have all the "Mr. Confident" 'tude you want, but Poker Chick guarantees that everyone around you was still grossed out.
  4. Being called "Mom", "Mama", "Mummy", by a first name, or anything else other than "Mommy". This one's obviously not for everyone but we know PC is not alone in this one!
  5. Speedos. Anyone wearing speedos in public. Put it away, pal.
  6. People with no sense of personal space. Stop touching me!!
  7. Old ladies in drugstores. Poker Chick clearly missed the law of physics that doesn't allow a woman over 65 to spend anything less than 15 minutes at the checkout counter.
  8. Dogs in purses. Even worse when it's a fancy purse.
  9. Parents also in costumes when trick or treating with their kids. OK, you want to put on a tiara or nose to get in the spirit, that's cool. Full fledged witch or Star Trek character, now you've crossed the line to big loser.
  10. People with NO CONCEPT of personal space. What's wrong with you?
  11. Tourists in New York over "the holidays".
  12. People who use oppressive terms like "holiday spirit" and think it makes them sound liberal, inclusive and PC.


Ms.Athena said...

Speedos, add speedos to that list....

Anonymous said...

WHen my little guy calls me "Mummy" instead of "Mommy"

Poker Chick said...

How amusing! My mother got really pissed when we said "Mommy" instead of "Mummy"! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's mine, just for kicks - I know this isn't mommy related (as I am not one... yet), but as a new yorker, I absolutely loath people who do not observe the unwritten rules of the subway - walk left, stand right - if I can hear the song that you are playing on your headphones, its too loud - step in ALL the way and stand clear of the closing doors (aparantly these people do not listen to the conductor) - lastly, if its an early morning commute, I don't want to hear about how drunk you were last night, don't these people notice that they're the only ones talking ...

Anonymous said...

Here's mine: People who walk slowly on a main street, ooh, why dont I stop now in the middle of the busy street and look at some windows, or oooh, maybe I'll just walk slowly, enjoying the busy street AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!! Get a move on people!! Move it!! I'll spit on you! You know I will!!

Anonymous said...

Restaurant menus with words spelled incorrectly.