Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Games People Play

Everyone plays mind games with themselves they'll never admit to. Think about it, you're bored, waiting for the subway and you think to yourself "bet one comes in 10 seconds" and you count "10...9...8". Or you sit at a sidewalk cafe and play "native or tourist?" in your head. So here's the latest game....

You're starved. You haven't eaten anything that day and it's 100 degrees out. You decide to stay in the building and open your wallet. There's $4 inside. Are you upset? Of course not! It's another opportunity to play the crowd-pleaser "how much can I buy with what I have?"

Poker Chick scoured the cafeteria. Enough food to be sated for four measly bucks? In Manhattan? It can be done!

One cheese sandwhich on whole wheat bread
"Deluxe" with lettuce, tomato pickle and chips
A fresh peach

Grand total: $2.96!

A few inconsequential people have been known to call Poker Chick cheap. Ahem. Not cheap. Just entertaining.

What embarrassing mind games do you play?


Emily said...

How long can I go without peeing while my three-year-old takes his sweet time reading a toy catalogue on the toilet?

Mishster said...

Ha! That's a great game.