Friday, September 21, 2007

Bounce Your Boobies

We break from our usual shallow programming to generate discussion on a real issue. Poker Chick's friend Emily has joined a massive online effort to create better PR for nursing in light of negative comments such as Bill Maher's recent rant*. Poker Chick commented on the discussion and was requested to copy and post her comment on her own site.

Now anyone who knows Poker Chick would not call her an "activist" for anything, but the man's just plain wrong here and Poker Chick's kinda fed up with all these people making a big deal over something that really shouldn't be an issue. Discretion is great but also not always realistic unless a woman wants to be holed up in a room the way they made women hide in the old days when they were menstruating and therefore "dirty". Maher? Bush? OJ Simpson? Let's talk about some real boobs.

I have never been pro-nursing. I don’t see myself as what I’d always assumed was hippie, crunchy, liberal or anything close. Cynical and vain, that’s me. Nursing didn’t seem to fit. Yet, like a good girl, I tried it because everyone begged me ‘just try it for the first few weeks.’ So I did. And after the mini was born I spent every day in those first few weeks cursing my breasts and vowing it was just one more day until the bottle.

My, how ‘never say never’ is true. At the end, I cried the first time I replaced a feed with a bottle (around six months). I cried when I made the decision to quit entirely (around 9 months). I became one of those ‘exhibitionists’ who nursed in the middle of the day while dining al fresco on Second Avenue. I was eating lunch, why couldn’t my kid? Not to mention, Poker Chick is cheep cheep. And nursing is FREE!!! But mostly, I was shocked by how much my daughter loved it. Man, did that kid want the boob often.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not easy so I never look down on those who choose not to. It’s such a personal choice and there are so many pros and cons to doing it. But damn, baby, don’t go knocking other people’s boobies if they’re successful! They’re doing an amazing thing!!!”

*Fast forward past the 9/11 footage to around 7:30 where the commentary begins.


Anonymous said...

Yes, breast feeding is wonderful and it's so natural and so perfect and yet it's sill inappropriate to do it in public and expect the rest of the world to accept it. Urination is natural but normal people don't do it in public.

Ally said...

Hey there, just stopping in via the link on Emily's page. Thanks for this post.

Re the commenter-- ANONYMOUS, I might add, what a cop-out-- what's with comparing breastfeeding to urinating? Do you compare dining in public to having a bowel movement? This logic just doesn't hold up. Breastfeeding= feeding your baby. How can people not get this?

Poker Chick said...

Ally - thanks for your comment. I am with you 100%!