Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the joys of growing up with immigrant parents is laughing at words they are often unable to pronounce words correctly in languages that are not their native tongue. Poker Chick never quite considered that this mis-prononciation might also have affected her own. Until now. Thanks to J and Miss Feena, she made a shocking discovery. Here's the story:

Poker Chick's father likes to sing. Not professionally, he's not even that good, but he used to go around the house singing silly old songs during her childhood. Most of these were forgotten, but now he is singing these songs to the mini. During last week's visit, he taught her a favorite. "Tumbelina, Tumbelina, tiny little thing. Tumbelina dance. Tumbelina sing." (yes, Big Boy's a Danny Kaye fan). Poker Chick got nostalgic and smiled; she'd known this song all her life and now the mini was shouting it with gusto and giggles.

Imagine the embarrassment when she shared what was supposed to be a cute story with her friends and discovered it's supposed to be "Thumbelina". Gasp! She'd been living a lie her whole life. (On a side note, she did some digging into the origins of this song and actually found an explanation for her father's lifelong obsession with the name "Cornelius").

Now, here's the best part: when she told this to Big Boy he began to try and sing it correctly: "Sumbelina, Sumbelina, tiny little thing...."

Sigh. Silly foreigners.


Emily said...

Your father came to visit?!

Poker Chick said...

Yeah, we thought we saw a pig flying somewhere ;)