Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guest Post

Today Poker Chick is posting something written by a friend because it was amusing and she liked the style it was written it. Perhaps it will amuse you as well.

"I am substitute teaching in two school districts near me. I'd rather be working full time and have my own classroom but I love subbing and I love the schools I'm in. Having gone from seven years teaching in the xx city schools to the suburbs is like someone who was forced to eat moldy cheese, overripe fruit, and maybe an occaisional rice cake for 7 years. Sure it's food and you're glad you can eat and not be hungry and sometimes the overripe fruit tastes really good, or the moldy cheese is something like blue cheese so it seems to make sense, and every now and then you get a caramel flavored rice cake, but overall the food makes you sick and angry because you know that there is other really good food out there that no one will give you. And then one day you get to start eating french fries, and perfectly ripe peaches and oranges, and instead of rice cakes you can pick from oreos, and chocolate cake and even pizza! And you're wondering how you survived 7 years with moldy cheese. And you know you can never go back."

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