Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guns and cockroaches...

You know what that means....Poker Chick is on the road again. Here's the latest adventures.

Poker Chick arrives at the airport at 4pm for a 5pm flight. She checks in and is told with a smile she's "confirmed for the 8:30pm". Excuse me? Some investigation turned up the 5pm had been cancelled. Uh, thanks for the heads'-up US Airways. Not. But hey, there's a 6pm on another airline with room. So they could move her right? Wrong. They admitted they could. Then they said they wouldn't. Their excuse? She had no connections and therefore they were getting her there within a fair amount of time. She's not sure what made her day more, the $10 coupon they gave her for dinner at the food court or the cockroach sitting on the chair next to her at LaGuardia.

Out on business in a small city. With a surprising free hour on her hands, she walks to the mall to buy a guilt gift for the mini. She passes a convention center on the way. There seems to be quite a show going on. People from all over the country. Busloads of people, kids too. What was it? An exciting gun show!!! Yes, peeps, that's right. There's nothing like a good gun show to put you in the mood for being a good, calm and responsible human being. OK, well technically it was an archery hunting show. But those "lethal and silent" products they were advertising weren't exactly the bows and arrows from summer camp.

Poker Chick could hardly contain her excitement. This people-watching opportunity was too good to pass up. She got herself a pass (uh government, it was too easy!) and walked in with her mouth wide open when she saw the first big table near the entrance: THE BAR.

Yep. Drinking makes for better hunting. Didn't you know?

Poker Chick was exceptionally glad to see that people are exercising their "right to bear arms" while taking every possible precaution against civilian casualties. Freedom for products like the "buck bomb" and others that were "lethal but silent" is so important. It was also nice to see the children there, knowing that they, too, could learn how to hunt responsibly while successfully holding on to their beer bottles. And names like "license to steal" and "doinker" help make learning fun. And these lessons are awfully important. After all, these children are our future.

Wrapping up another fun-filled trip, yours truly got an urgent call interrupting her meeting. Yep, you guessed it, her flight home had been cancelled.

Don't you just wish you could hit the road with Poker Chick?

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Anonymous said...

It seems like you have the worst airplane luck ever. At least it's entertaining for those of us who don't get to travel :-)