Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Gross, But I Gotta Ask

So the mini had her 3 year "big kid" physical. 30 pounds, 37 inches passed her eye and ear tests, was appropriately chatty and behaved perfectly. But she failed her urinalysis. Weird, I know. So we took cups home and did it again (I know, picture a nanny running 'round NYC with pee in her bag. Talk about bad job descriptions). She failed that too.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Doctor wants to "chat" tomorrow. Anyone want to make neurotic Poker Chick feel better? What does it mean if her kid has trace amounts of blood in her pee?


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't know, but please let us know when you find out, 'kay?

Poker Chick said...

Thanks for asking. Dr. gave no advice other other than to try and forget about it now and retest in 6 months and hope it's gone. We'll retest but I can promise I'm not going to forget about it.