Friday, February 8, 2008


There are advantages to falling ill every time your child is sick. Okay, well, just one. You know what you're in for. So when the mini had a horrible virus in December, Poker Chick knew she was in for two weeks of misery and a full blown stuffy nose that didn't quit. And when she was sick for longer than two weeks, she knew it was past the normal phase of that illness and got herself some drugs.

So when she spent the last few days feeling like crap, she knew the fever would soon pass as the mini got better in just a few days.

Sorry for the lack of posts, peeps. Our girl's been sick. Oh, and apparently so is a woman who calls herself "Cinderella", blogs just like Poker Chick, and writes in Japanese. Weird!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

dannybuntu said...

I hope you won't get freaked out by what I am about to tell you. I just started reading your blog like what? 1 week ago. And on the day that you made this post I became scared. Because my youngest daughter is sick too. Shes been confined for almost 3 days now. Luckily the doctor ruled out Meningitis. Now the possibilities are viral infection, bacterial or Dengue Fever. I keep saying to myself that I'd rather be the one than my daughter. She is only 1 month old and a whole world in front of her.

I hope that you get well. And if you do pray. Please pray for my daughter too. Thanks! If you don't, well a get well message would just be fine. Right now my wife is in the hospital 24 hours and I go there every 7 am to 7 pm Philippine Time.