Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did Ya Know There Was a New York Outside Manhattan?

Yeah, yeah city living has a lot of drawbacks.  We hear you.  But at the same time, so many New Yorkers complain about never taking advantage of everything the city has to offer.  For one weekend, Poker Chick soaked it up pretty good.  It's possible.  

Friday night:  Mets game in Shea.  Last season before it gets torn down.  And, of course, to complete the experience, a nice long ride on the 7 train home at midnight.  Before you start to worry our inner snob has gone temporarily missing, don't worry.  We were in a box.  And Mr. Met came to visit.

Saturday:  We experimented with various ways to fend off boredom on a hot summer day in the city.  We went to a local outdoor pool.  We ran through some sprinklers.  We went inside and painted our own pottery.  (It was supposed to be an excellent last minute, but no one would know, father's day gift.  It takes 5 days for the stupid plate to glaze.  So much for the brilliant plan).  Afterwards, we got soaking wet in a series of thunderstorms, because no New York weekend would be complete without getting caught without an umbrella.  Finished off the day with Netflix.  When it costs $11 #@$*! bucks to see a movie these days, in home-viewing is the way to go.  Before you start to think this could be anywhere, it should be noted that dinner was delivered by an unbelievable local italian place.  In 10 minutes.  It took longer to pick a menu.

Sunday:  Coney Island.  Probably the first time Poker Chick had been there for personal reasons.  Pretty stereotypical things: Aquarium, Astroland Park, kiddie rides, lemon ice.  Sponge Bob Square Pants made an appearance, and the local mosquitos got to feast on Poker Chick's thigh. 
 Something for everyone.   

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