Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Weekly "Spam"

Poker Chick has a pretty juvenile sense of humor. For example, tonight she was baking bread and working out in her head how to knead and whether to use the breadmaker. The phrase "I need to knead..." came up a couple of times until she realized it amused her and kept repeating it. The rest of the household, not so much with the amusement. That's the point. Yours truly is notorious for cracking herself up. No one else. Just her.

So if you're not at least mildly amused by the above, you'll probably want to skip this post. But if you're an oddball too, then this series may be for you.

It's about a bunch of junk.

Junk mail. See, with top-notch spam filters most of us don't have to even look at our spam anymore. So we all just assume it's the same old "V\agra" and "you're pre-approved!" scams.
We don't realize that very recently, spam seems to have crossed the line from annoying to entertaining.

Lucky for you, you have Poker Chick to tell you what you're missing. So, until good tv returns, Poker Chick will collect amusing headlines and post them for you.

Buy generic CializViagra, Xamax and Valiun
(ah, the good ole' trick the spam servers with the mis-spellings)
A good man deserves a better life. -Time is money. Rolex watches.
(Who knew Rolex was doing viral marketing via spam?)
Put your hands up for quality's meds!
(hands up, baby hands up....)

Feel yourself more manly
(yes, baby! I can feel it!)
Your tool will be really heavy after green pill
(ok. this one just scares me.)
Would you like to be my husband?
(eeew. I don't swing that way.)
Gentlemen prefer ladies wearing Bvlgari accessories.
(Yes! A return to messaging of the 1950s! I just knew dressing to please men would come back in fashion someday!)
Dear give your wife one a night full of love!
(Gotta give 'em props. Personalizing it makes ya look. Anyone know what "one a night" means?) Job hunting without the needed degree!
(this one's just sad 'cause you know loads of peeps are falling for this crap)
Impeccable reputation of Patek Philippe watches.
(impeccable indeed.)
Live your life, prescription-free - we are fully certified to supply medications
(this one is almost too funny to be true)
Usher and Rihanna making out
(ah, it's the old lure 'em with celebs trick)

And finally......spam of the week....

Barack Obama would be proud - Let the girls figure out how you get such a well-endowed anatomy
(omg, you have gotta be kidding me! c'mon, man. You're talking Democratic nominee for President! Like, running to lead a whole country. Have some respect. But it does make one think. If people are willing to sink this low, how come we never saw headlines like this for George W.?)

Poker husband pointed out that there was no headline from our Nigerian friend asking for money. We can only assume he got all the money he needed this week. Check back next week to see if he's back in the hole.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I always get those on my yahoo mail. O.o Now, how did I get those spam in the first place? If it were an edible spam like this:

I'd definitely get it. Hahaha.

Gray Matter Matters said...

Lordy, isn't it enough the we shared the same profession and same juvenile sense of humor? I've been thinking of posting about this for a while--of course now you've done it first, and brilliantly I might add. Kudos, Sistah.