Sunday, July 27, 2008

If You Miss Peanut Butter That Badly.......

Then you gotta try this stuff*. We won't pretend that it's the same, but it's pretty damn close. And if it's good with apples or in a sandwich with jelly, it does the job for us.

*Unless, of course, you are allergic to soy. It should go without saying, but then again, this is America. Land of the legal disclaimer.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The July That Wasn't

Well it's been way too long since Poker Chick's last post. First of all, she wants to apologize to any reader that may have been worried. We knew we were taking a break but it was never planned for that long! Second, we have to thank whoever is still a reader! Poker Chick expected everyone to drop off and so she is truly touched that so many of you kept reading and looking for updates.

So what has kept her away for so long? Well, first she was pretty sick. Nothing to worry about but it did have lingering exhaustion that stayed for a while. So sleep won over posting. Second, the 65-70 hour workweeks that followed sort of precluded posting. And third, there have been a couple of big family issues to deal with (though no cause for reader worry).

So that's Poker Chick's pathetic excuse. She will happily accept post requests to make up for a lack of posting in general. Meanwhile, what's of note to post now? Nothing but a measly morsel. Some local magazine picked up the same calorie issue that Poker Chick posted about. But they were advocating for the other side.

August will be better, we promise. Thanks for hanging in there.
Alltop peeps, please don't boot us :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

With a Nod to Mo Willems.....

I've been sick for over two days already and this stupid fever came out of nowhere and it took tons of tylenol and advil to make it go down and then finally it did but I still felt like crap so I took daytime cold/flu medicine 'cause that's what normal people do to get by when they're sick even though I don't have a cold or the flu but instead of helping I felt even worse and I got really dizzy and almost fell down and got yelled at for taking too much medicine and two days later I'm still stuck in bed and I slept so much I can't sleep anymore but every time I get up I feel like I'm gonna fall down so I gotta stay there but I'm bored out of my mind and how many episodes of "my life on the D-list" can you watch in a row before feeling like you've fallen down loserhood yourself and it's the fourth of July and my friends ditched me and it's gonna rain all weekend so I'm gonna look like a pasty face all summer long while everyone else is all nice and tan and I feel so lousy I don't even want to eat my favorite kind of pie that happens to be sitting in my fridge as I type and my throat hurts and my neck hurts and I miss my mommy!

Note to fans: Poker Chick will be out of commission for a few days. Feel free to see other bloggers while she's gone, but please come back soon.

Note to friends: She's a little behind on the email as well. As in not checking right now. She'll be back.