Monday, July 7, 2008

The July That Wasn't

Well it's been way too long since Poker Chick's last post. First of all, she wants to apologize to any reader that may have been worried. We knew we were taking a break but it was never planned for that long! Second, we have to thank whoever is still a reader! Poker Chick expected everyone to drop off and so she is truly touched that so many of you kept reading and looking for updates.

So what has kept her away for so long? Well, first she was pretty sick. Nothing to worry about but it did have lingering exhaustion that stayed for a while. So sleep won over posting. Second, the 65-70 hour workweeks that followed sort of precluded posting. And third, there have been a couple of big family issues to deal with (though no cause for reader worry).

So that's Poker Chick's pathetic excuse. She will happily accept post requests to make up for a lack of posting in general. Meanwhile, what's of note to post now? Nothing but a measly morsel. Some local magazine picked up the same calorie issue that Poker Chick posted about. But they were advocating for the other side.

August will be better, we promise. Thanks for hanging in there.
Alltop peeps, please don't boot us :)

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So glad you're back. I actually was worried about you! Work sounds unbearable...and familiar. Ok, I'm officially over getting back into advertising.