Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is Parenting This Tiring For Everyone?

Poker Chick just realized that she literally did not sit down once between 1pm and 6:30pm today. And most of that time was walking errands too. Now, in NYC, "errands" or "shopping" means walking 4 miles (total, over the course of the day) while holding a 34 lb. child and pushing a stroller, often at the same time, and somehow balancing this with purchases made on said errands. Now imagine this kind of day on the Sunday after you had your special Saturday two-hour nonstop pilates marathon.

Ow. Cannot....move. Ow.

Interestingly enough, while getting a pedicure from 9:30-10:30am this morning (her only free time today), Poker Chick read that 75 minutes of pilates burns 500 calories.

So...120 minutes of pilates + 4 miles of walking, plus carrying bags + carrying a 34-lb. child and/or 11-lb. stroller = how many calories? Who knows. This chick is waaaay too sore to do math right now.


Anonymous said...

For me, right now, it is very tiring indeed.

Gray Matter said...

Surely making hilarious computer stick figures has got to burn some calories. giggle!!