Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things That Make a Poker Chick Happy

September is National Food Safety Awareness Month. Well, it's loads of other things, and Poker Chick is thinking about all the things it could be, like National hug-a-monkey month. Hug-a-monkey! That would be funny. Anyway. Poker Chick digresses.

The cool thing about the food thing is that this year's theme is "take action to prevent an allergic reaction". Seriously. For all you parents and teachers and chefs out there, you should know the best way to make this Chick happy is to be respectful and understanding of the food thing. That alone helps more than you can ever know.

Thanks, Allergic Girl, for bringing this to our attention. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Hug-a-monkey is just fun to say.