Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poker Chick Ponders...

It's past midnight. The alarm is set for 5am as the family is leaving for summer vacation tomorrow. The packing did not begin until 10pm, when this girl returned from her writing group (a.k.a. reason for not posting, also known as the reason you will be glad to say you read her first one day). And what is Poker Chick doing? Networking online, filling out applications for membership to ultra-exclusive professional networks.

Why does this have to be done now, you ask? Excellent question.

In the meantime, we're pleased to report to loyal readers that after 7-8 weeks and several calls to the organization itself the test scores finally arrived. Now on to the fun work of interpreting the numbers and figures that returned. Not to worry. The application process for the 2010-2011 school year only starts in...August. Plenty of time. You peeps are so smart. You now understand why this girl needs a vacation, pronto!

The mini does not know she's in for her first trip to Disneyworld next week. Will she love it or be overwhelmed? Will there be tantrums? And if so, who will fall apart first - mother, or daughter?
Stay tuned....

Monday, July 6, 2009

The second 24 hours

What did the second day involve? Well, let's get the celeb sightings out of the way - Jamie Foxx, Brad Garrett, a couple of other people whose names escape us at the moment.

The hotel was amazing, and PC discovered the joy of catching up on news while you shower. A whole new world of efficiency! Despite the glass shower door and LCD on the bathroom wall, it doesn't work if you need to hear anything, but this is where the CNN ticker comes in handy.

Other than that, Poker Chick is pleased to say she left up $15 after poker, blackjack, and slots - and this is factoring IN the $220 tournament and rebuy costs. Tournament wise? She made it all the way to the second-final table! OK, so there were only five tables, but still - that's top half! 19th out of 50!! Now before you pooh-pooh this, let's put it in context, peeps. In Atlantic City, on a regular weekend, when you have a lot of irregular players, this would not be notable. Decent, but not notable.

However in Vegas, where the players are better anyway, on the day before the World Series of Poker main event begins, when some of those players were in the same tournament Poker Chick was playing in, it's a significantly more notable accomplishment. In addition, she played limit poker at higher stakes than she's ever played - while tired (rare) - between 2 and 5:30 AM, and still didn't lose. She would have won if she didn't have to get up and run to the airport to make a 7:30AM flight.

She had the joy of time with friends, great food, fabulous drinks, an awesome pool, and the trippy Cirque du Soleil LOVE show. Finally, a celebration when a friend won over $1,200 on PENNY slots. Poker Chick won some money at slots herself, the machine was "hot" and "loose diamonds". They were loose, peeps. Loose, we tell you. And hot.

Not bad for 24 hours.

What's on the agenda for the next 24 hours? Picking out dates for next year. With more preplanning, more of you readers can make it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

20 hours in Vegas

What can you do with less than 24 hours in Vegas? Well, a hell lot more than Poker Chick has done. But still, the 48 hour grownup weekend has been quite awesome. So far, she's managed to squeeze in: a quick dinner, long day by the pool with friends including lunch and drinks. She's also managed to discover that playing blackjack in your bathing suit is unbelievably fun. Not to mention the amazing frozen mojitos they had while you played. But better still was walking away with over $350 after she was down to her last $15.

Eventually, Poker Chick made her way to the poker room, where some famous poker players were hanging out (including Ellen DeGeneres and Cheryl Hines), and made a new Canadian friend at the table.

It's 105 degrees outside - but it's dry heat! Way better. Also quite tolerable when sitting in a pool with drinks the whole time. And the pool was a popular place for all, including Jay-Z and Joe Hachem, poker legend.

Ahh, Vegas. It never disappoints. More tomorrow, including PC's performance in a tournament herself..