Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to change up your New Year's Resolutions

As Poker Chick has a tendency to think strange thoughts, she often wonders what foreigners think of our country. For example, say you're a foreign cultural anthropologist studying various societies and how they observe a new calendar year. And let's say for argument's sake you live in a bubble and are rather unfamiliar with American culture.* And let's say for further argument's sake that instead of interviewing people, you start your study by watching television to understand people.

What you see
  • Too many diet commercials to count
  • Ads for finally getting out of debt this year!
  • Save on your taxes
  • Savings on cars - best deals ever!
  • A plethora of dating commercials
  • Job hunting ads
What you conclude

All Americans must be fat, lonely, broke, unemployed, and lacking transportation.

Think about it. Television is largely a reflection of popular culture. It's a sad, sad picture we paint for the world, peeps.

*Clearly, if this is the case, you're the world's crappiest anthropologist but we're trying to make a point here

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