Sunday, January 30, 2011

Signs Food Allergy Awareness Is On The Rise

Yesterday, on a group trip to Costco, Poker Chick saw the following sign in front throughout the store:

For those of you who can't read through the smudge marks and poor photography, this sign says:

PARENTS: Before we serve your child a sample we need your permission to ensure your child is not allergic to the ingredients.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

We're not sure how other Food Allergy (FA) parents feel about this, but Poker Chick was thrilled.  It was nice to see the store facing the issue and sharing responsibility for keeping kids in their store safe.  Of course, a cynic could argue this was just something their lawyers asked for to protect their liability and we went there too.  But the guy cooking the samples was very aware of food allergy concerns.  He explained reassuringly that the chicken was cooked in Pam with salt and pepper, and added it was a clean pan.  So Costco has clearly trained its employees to some extent.

The new app includes instant video training
More signs of change: check out this new app from the makers of the Epipen.  Yes, it's drug company self-promotion, but this one's actually useful, and it's free.

Poker Chick is a firm believer that 10 years from now "Signs of anaphylaxis" posters in restaurants and public places will be as commonplace as "First aid for choking".  We're obviously not there but still, we can't imagine how hard it must have been to raise a FA child 10 years ago.  Things are slowly starting to change.

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