Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you have the right to raise an obnoxious kid?

As this video demonstrates, parents are really upset about having to make some accommodations for a first grader's food allergies at school.

Poker Chick has been reading about this a bit lately and has seen their grievances. Before you dismiss them, you have to admit they kind of have a point. If our kid were the one who was inconvenienced we'd be up in arms too. Think about it from the other kids' perspective:
  • Having to take a minute after food to wash your hands is annoying. You get less recess or study time, and you miss out on all those fun sick days with less germs.
  • Washing your mouth out with water?  What fun is that?  Who wants a clean mouth feeling? Besides, more cavities means more dentist time, which means more sick days. Also, they have cool video games in the waiting room.
  • It must really suck to not be able to eat your favorite lunch every day.  You've always gotten what you wanted.  Why change it now? 
  • "Compassion" is a really confusing word and really hard to pronounce.  Learning how to be considerate of others is no fun.  Dodge ball?   Much funner.
  • If they let those annoying allergy kids go to school then what's next? Having to play with kids in wheelchairs? Imagine what that's going to do to your basketball team and chance at scholarship.
  • Mommy and Daddy stuck a picket sign in your hand, and you'll lose your favorite time with Max and Ruby if you don't listen.
So when you see this video, yes a lot has been made about the right of a poor 6 year old girl to attend school without being ostracized for the little inconveniences to her classmates to keep her safe.  But really, who's fighting for these other kids' rights?


Anonymous said...

The woman on the right made an excellent point at towards the end of the clip. Substitute "allergy" for "HIV" or something and no one would be picketing. I think part of the problem is that "allergy" doesn't seem to be the right word. When people thing of "allergy," they think of a stuffy nose or a rash that goes away. It's no wonder parents think peanut allergies are being blown out of proportion.

Or maybe they're just morons.

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing sarcasm.

Ellen said...

This video sure is at the heart of a great debate much should society, in this case public schools, go to accommodate people/children with disabilities and special needs...Really, I like PBJ as much as the next person, but if my eating that PBJ might put another human being in harm's way, it's a non-starter...

...what's the definition of an obnoxious kid/person?...someone so self-absorbed that they are unable to show empathy for other fellow human beings...

Perhaps...these parents who are picketing, might feel better if they thought of it as their children are learning two great life lessons: 1)empathy and 2)self control ;-) And if they get these two lessons right, they'll be oodles more successful and happier as adults!!