Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spam Gets Smarter

Professional spammers have clearly taken some lessons in behavioral marketing, optimizing their "messages" by target audience.  For example, they know that Moms are the single largest and most influential group in the blogosphere, so if the King of Nigeria is out there with his life changing news he might need to tailor his message to fit in a little better.

He must be learning because the spam is better vs. what it used to be.

For example, the comment below, which Poker Chick received today:

 Hey Fellas!  Those of you that know us know that for a nice and dealing with my own child's negative behavior.  They were only pretty much driving me ridiculous at all times, i didn't know what to do or even what to tell them.  A few weeks ago my spouse and I finally decided to get to the base of it and discover a solution that might work.  I searched each and every website as well as blog i really could possibly discover on the subject and lastly i found the best solution.  If any of you happen to be having similar issues with your children you can Private Message me.  On second imagined i will merely give you the websites i discovered on the topic to help you possibly read it and repair your child too.  Thanks for experiencing my rant. [insert obviously fake website which Poker Chick has not included as she does not want to support these peeps]

Note the technique used to build this spam, scientifically called "computer finds most common words on posts and puts them together in a sentence".  Now imagine this comment landing in the box of a poor unsuspecting mom whose baby hasn't slept in 3 months and just learned how to headbutt and is really "driving me ridiculous".  She might, just might, accidentally let it pass as legitimate.  And then the world will see their comment and the link to their wares!!! Mwah, ha ha...

Fortunately, if you're writing a blog, you probably also know how to spell.  And you also have a brain, and no desire to "repair your child".  And if even that fails, there's our secret weapon which is always a step ahead.  It's called a SPAM FILTER.

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A Mountain Momma said...

Wow, that was a really detailed spam comment. I love the ones that are critical of my blog. Funny.

Scurvy for all spammers I say!