Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Us City Peeps Are Missing Out On

Maybe you missed it?

According to this article from the NY Times Magazine, if you think you're living a boring suburban life, you're in good company.

See, those of us with "boring" suburban lives (yes, we're throwing ourselves here because even in an urban setting if you have kids the routine isn't that different)  - those of us with these lives do all sorts of pedestrian things.   Including Mike Tyson.  Look at a typical day for this suburban father of three.  His day looks just like ours, we do many of the same things.  For instance:

We walk around the block.
We read.
We change diapers.
We watch movies.
We work out.
We raise homing pigeons.
We get daily massages.
We get regular calls from our publicist.
We no longer get regular paychecks, except for huge money for speaking gigs and cameos in movies like "The Hangover Part II".

Wait a second.....

Parts in Vegas movies? Massages? No job to go to? Daily walks? Time to read - with three children?

If this is the simple suburban life, we should seriously start contemplating a move.  Stay tuned for our next post, which may well be brought to you from "[Mis]adventures of an Ad Girl Who Used to Live in New York". 

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