Sunday, April 17, 2011


The other day we were channel-surfing (we know, how last century), and came across the famous Wheel of Fortune on TV.
What's in it for this guy?

After a rather long debate as to whether or not that's Pat Sajak's real hair, we started wondering.  The guy's 64 years old.  He's been doing this show since 1981.  Seriously?

WTF?  Isn't he bored to death?  Sources estimate he's made $5-$10MM per season; this adds up to more than $1 million for every letter of the alphabet.  Has he not accumulated enough money in 30 years to retire?  Did no one tell him that most of us common folk retire by 64?  

Thoughts? Feel free to comment if anyone thinks they have the answers to these bizarre questions and more.  In the meantime, we're studying the channel guide in search of more...modern programming.


Anonymous said...

How many hours do you think he "works" for that 5-10mm?

Theresa said...

Ugh, I know, I would be bored to tears. Maybe he gets lots of ladies...

Sandra said...

I'm still looking at the it real? The guy looks amazing!