Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 ways to figure out what kind of phone they have

Ever find yourself frustrated why one friend will text everything, not even picking up the phone when it's in her face, and another friend will only write you back over email?  Even your closest friends you thought you knew so well can completely baffle you with their mobile habits.

Over the past few months, we have developed a foolproof system for figuring out what kind of device that person on the other end is using to call/text/email you.

So, whatcha talkin' on, Willis?
  1. Texts and email errors have you worried they have a substance abuse problem (iPhone)
  2. Their texts have often been mistaken for a novel (Droid)
  3. They email or text videos and pictures more than actual words (iPhone)
  4. Even a call or text is returned with an email (Blackberry)
  5. They tell their friends, mother and doorman about their phone (iPhone)
and finally....

Their voicemail asks people to leave a return number (land line dinosaur)


Theresa said...

Ha, very funny. I have an iphone and havent even listened to voice mails in months because it translates everything to text. craziness!

Poker Chick said...

I have one too. Yesterday it turned "sometimes" into "sturgeon".