Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cupcakes for Cancer

 Today we are honored to have a guest post up at Frosting for the Cause.

Frosting for the Cause is a cool blog where a different baker every day, 365 days a year, shares their own recipe and story of a woman affected by cancer.  Each woman who posts donates money to her cancer organization of choice and donates the baked goods to a local cancer center/hospice.

While we're usually all about the funny, this kind of thing calls for uncharacteristic optimism.  What we especially like about this is how it shows the power of one small act.  A couple of hours spent baking one afternoon can:

-Make you feel accomplished
-Provide you with quality time with your child (and baking helps with math!)
-The treats will hopefully make at least one person happy
-The money you donate goes to a good cause
-You create new content on not one, but at least two blogs!
-Someone may try your recipe (paying the enjoyment forward)
-Someone may be inspired to donate or bake themselves, helping many other people

See what one little mixing bowl can do!  Imagine the power of 365 bakers!

Please go visit Frosting for the Cause and check out our way-too-long post! A special shout out to our baker friends out there who we hope will consider sharing a recipe of their own.

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