Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Things I Learned At My Kid's Piano Recital

Mini had her first piano recital today.

This was an interesting cultural experience that was new to this musically-challenged mother.  After entering a hot small room packed with 18 kids and their families, she watched all the 4-7 year olds, one by one, take their moment to shine.  Here are the few things we learned:

1) A keyboard is just not the same as a piano, even if it's a good one.
We cheaped out seeing as how none of us know how to play a piano, nor do we have room, so keyboard it was.  Poor mini fumbled for the first few notes getting used to the pressure she needed to exert on the keys.  Whoopsie. 

2) Some kids practice, and some kids really practice.
We thought mini was ready.  She practiced every day, on her own.  Not at a formal time, just whenever she felt like it.  We heard her two songs the morning of the recital.  But clearly, seeing as how smooth the other kids played their pieces, we underestimated the amount she should practice.  Another clue that the other kids played it too much: they kept going over, repeating the song even after it was done and the applause had started.  After this had happened a few times, and a 5-year old boy asked his mom "not 5 times?" we started figuring it out.

3) Your child is not the piano prodigy you think they are.
We now suspect part of the incentive to run these recitals is to humble a parent or two.

4) The teacher is better than you think they are. 
If the goal was to sell us on the need for more lessons, it worked.  One 5 year old just came in and schooled everyone with his version of that king song who's name we can never remember from "Shrek".

5) Kids can surprise even the most seasoned piano expert.
Hands down the funniest moment of the night goes to the poor 4 year old boy, who sat in his chair, played 3 off-key notes, then ran.  His mother got up in front of everyone to announce he had to go to the bathroom.  It was so funny we hope someone got it on camera to replay it for his teenage friends someday.  As everyone bit their lips to stop themselves from laughing, the teacher summed it up: "there's a first time for everything." 

Indeed, there is.  Congrats, mini.  Mama is so proud.

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