Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 Ways Times (and words) Are A-Changin'

Yo, yo, yo, peeps!

What's up with no one talking in full sents anymore? At least no one cool or under the age of 18, it seems. 

We're down with the shorthand on texts and tweets, but it seems to have spilled over a bit too much into our lang, ya know?  Has anyone realize the extent to which this is impacting our pop cultch?

  1. Kids:  Friends, parents and educators are henceforth known as the posse that shall be called BFFs, 'rents and ur teech.  
  2. Working professionals:  After permanently losing wasteful words in emails such as "dear" "please" "thank you" and "sincerely", businesspeople are now bucketing all emails into two areas: "CYA" or simply "biz deets". 
  3. Therapists:  Lengthy introspection and intense psychotherapy have been replaced by simply telling their patients to "figs it all out".   
  4. Doctors:  Medical histories are now called "MD deets" 
  5. Spam:  Spam is shorter as lengthy emails are reduced to phrases such as "#nigerianking needs ur $$ stat". 

We'd say more but then we'd be over our unoffish char limit.  Hmmm.  Maybe this short speech thing ain't so bad. 

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