Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Do You Safely Set up an Entire School Cafeteria???

We are in unchartered territory.

Rather than being in the position of asking an existing cafeteria for their policy, we are entering a brand new school in a brand new building who is building an entire cafeteria from scratch.

The best part? They're looking for input from parents of children with multiple food allergies on how to safely feed them.

The worst part? Ignorance and disorganization.

Can anyone point us to any documents, training organizations, or general information that we can use to help set up a kitchen in a way to safely feed children with multiple food allergies?  This is a dairy-only kitchen that would also prefer to make as much from scratch as possible, and is balking at the suggestion of baking with Ener-G egg replacer instead of eggs, because they want to avoid using processed foods.

We are working together with parents, school administrators, the catering company, and the nurses, however we feel we will end up with a poor and disorganized process if we do not help with specific steps, training, structure.  We need to make it as easy as possible for them or we fear they'll take be less likely to take steps to make things safer.  We'll happily report on the process, progress, lessons learned when school opens in September.

Any and all information is welcome. Please share with others who may have experience managing food allergies as this will impact 600+ children.

Thank you!

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vivian said...

It does make one's head spin! What food allergens are they to avoid other than eggs? Is the intention to make all the food allergy safe or just the meals for the children with allergies? I'm checking in with my allergy mama friends to see if they have any advice.