Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working Mothers in September

September is by far the hardest month to be a working mother (Truthfully, it's probably the hardest month to be a working parent, period, but since we've only experienced the mother side of it personally, we can only speak to that.) 

We've been saying this for years.  Since 2007, to be exact.  Last year, we even wrote about it on someone else's blog, so that makes it even more legitimate!

So imagine the validation we felt when Laura Rowley shared the same exact insight over at the Huffington Post this week.

This is an issue that's not talked about enough, so we're glad to see this being elevated in the public consciousness.  Please share her piece with as many parents as you can think of.   It's a good first step to creating a more family-friendly culture in the workplace, something we believe is more critical for successful companies than they realize....mostly because people don't talk about this stuff enough.

As always, you heard it here first, peeps.

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