Sunday, February 22, 2009

Because Motherhood is Funny

Poker Chick doesn't link to many blogs, but the ones she does have one or more things in common: they are good friends, they are loyal supporters of Poker Chick, or they make her laugh. She's pleased to add Jessica as her newest permalink (right). Aside from being a great writer, she produces a series of webisodes that are seriously entertaining. The one below is a good starter one if you want to test the waters. It made PC literally laugh out loud. If you think that's funny, and you're not easily offended*, check out this latest one.

*Why do we have the feeling half of you skipped right to the one on the link and watched that first before watching the video on the post?


Anonymous said...

Ok. I admit it... that's pretty funny.

bernthis said...

I love you for this. MWAH!

Anonymous said...

You were right. Very funny. Frighteningly accurate. I like the goodie bag stuff inside a prescription bag.