Monday, June 30, 2008

Post # 201: Shoutouts to Fellow Chicks

Time for reader appreciation, which we don't do enough. June had more readers than any other month in Poker Chick history, so first shout out is to everyone reading this! (also code for: don't get snippy if you're not on this list. We still love you.)

Following is the result of a sudden urge for girlfriend appreciation...

Sophie and Gray Matter Chick for being new and loyal fans, making PC laugh, digging up trash like Phat Damon, eating Cheetos and making good use of the word "peeps". Awesome stuff.

Amy, a longer-time fan, for being a single working mom of two while still retaining her coolness. We also give props to her unwavering commitment to Hebrew School. You go, girl.

Emily for not losing our number despite two overseas moves, one constantly traveling husband, three homes, new house renovations, several rounds of preschool applications, two countries, one near-published book, two children, and one in her belly. Phew. You got all that?

K-girl (aka long-haired blondie), for her patience, friendship, silliness and crossword puzzles. Three kids and a job and the girl still can play poker like nobody's business. Bacon. Did we mention silliness? We know you're laughing chica.

S-girl for late-night giggles (yes, giggles) and phone check-ins despite living in 4 (or 5?) cities over the past few years. Also for last-minute pop-ins which are about to resume in the reverse (that's a hint, dearie. What goes around comes around :))

The "ladies who lunch" because yours truly would never have made it alive through the last 3 years and 4 months without you (not that we're counting or anything). You chicks rock, even if one of you lives in bloody Canada.

Goddess-lady for being around through thick and thin, birth and death, travels around the world and all the way to the East side. This month you get to be a Thai and Australian goddess too.

UK's wife (what other code name could we use?) for being a sister, aunt, cousin, friend all in one person. You're fabulous.

W - for being a friend, mentor, role-model, and proving that you can love your job as long as you love who you're doing it with. Also, quite funny (are we sensing a theme here?)

One final shoutout to L-girl who's getting married!!! Woo hoo! You should see the rock, peeps.

If you're all wondering wherefore this sudden emotional outburst and wherefore all women (very unusual for PC, read this for context), look thee to Sex & the City. Poker Chick just saw it last night. It was cheesy. It was cliche. She loved every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Right back atcha.

But, "near-published"? From your mouth to G-d's ears.

ALM said...

I know. My blog should be renamed: "Just take them to Hebrew school, dick!" Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' ya back, girl. Hope you have a different perspective on Matt Damon now... I know my boyfriend is. So much for his man-crush. LOL!

Anonymous said...

gee, sucks. can't wait for your visit. you are a great friend and my oldest and dearest. 20 years and counting:)

Gray Matter Matters said...

Soon to be a long-time fan!! Thanks so much for the shout out--you're right, blogger appreciation is not nearly frequent as it should be. Guess who's at the top of the list when I get out of the holiday weekend hysteria. You are the best!