Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trimming the Fat

We're going on a diet. Poker Chick is disgusted with herself these days, and how accustomed she has gotten to the excess. Sure, it's convenient. Yes, it's wonderful and luxurious to indulge. It starts out innocent enough. A little here and a little there. But you add up the little bit of carelessness each day and it's doing major damage. So, like many Americans, Poker Chick has made a resolution.

That's right. No more cabs unless it's absolutely necessary. Every day she will repeat to herself: "Public transportation is practical and economical."

It's time to put this wallet on a diet.


Anonymous said...

and better for the planet

Poker Chick said...

Exactly, I had included that in my mind in the "practical" bucket, but you're right to call it out.