Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear Therapist....

Yes, Poker Chick is really writing a screenplay. Stop snickering. And it was going well. At first.

She had it all figured out: the original story idea, sequence of events, even had the professional software and formatting all figured out. And it was coming together, it really was. The characters, witty dialogue, three-act structure. An entire first draft, nearly finished. Well, 1/3 nearly finished anyway.

And then she had to hand it in.

Thus began a severe crisis of confidence as the days tick towards D-day, the day that her entire class will tear her apart. While she is not allowed to say a word. They will point and laugh all at once, it will be scary, as if she is in a fun house of horrors. Words like "amateur" and "hack" will be tossed about carelessly. She will be exposed.

So if anyone knows the right thing to say to prevent her from skipping the next class, please go ahead and speak. And while you're so inclined, if you could suggest funny ways to die, that'd be great too. Because despite hours of research and time spent watching fun shows like "Dr. G, medical examiner" and "Trauma in the E.R.," Poker Chick has not yet found it.


bernthis said...

I took a screenwriting course, well actually a whole program and trust me they WILL NOT tear you apart. I had my "pages" read every week and I got some useless feedback and some that was fantastic. The bottom line is you are a big girl and you can take constructive criticism. I know you can. also but most importantly, you paid for the f er so go!

Anonymous said...

Go with a notepad. Write down everything they say, whether you agree or not. Go with the attitude of, "Oh, thank you for mentioning that." It makes it much easier to avoid getting defensive.