Friday, July 3, 2009

20 hours in Vegas

What can you do with less than 24 hours in Vegas? Well, a hell lot more than Poker Chick has done. But still, the 48 hour grownup weekend has been quite awesome. So far, she's managed to squeeze in: a quick dinner, long day by the pool with friends including lunch and drinks. She's also managed to discover that playing blackjack in your bathing suit is unbelievably fun. Not to mention the amazing frozen mojitos they had while you played. But better still was walking away with over $350 after she was down to her last $15.

Eventually, Poker Chick made her way to the poker room, where some famous poker players were hanging out (including Ellen DeGeneres and Cheryl Hines), and made a new Canadian friend at the table.

It's 105 degrees outside - but it's dry heat! Way better. Also quite tolerable when sitting in a pool with drinks the whole time. And the pool was a popular place for all, including Jay-Z and Joe Hachem, poker legend.

Ahh, Vegas. It never disappoints. More tomorrow, including PC's performance in a tournament herself..

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