Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This end to our hiatus proudly brought to you by the makers of illegal generic drugs

Today, in the hustle and bustle of the evening commute, was guy holding a handmade sign in the subway.

How is this noteworthy?

Well, it wasn't your ordinary busker. It started out political. Meds like Lipitor are evil. Doctors don't tell you they destroy your liver. Things like that.

OK, so this is headed toward some solicitation for some fanatic group, right?


It was an advertisement for bootleg generic prescriptions meds. Not even branded bootleg drugs. Cheap-ass generic ones. At the end it advised you not to take Lipitor, "Stay safe" and rather than getting your meds from a nationally-recognized insured pharmacy, get them online from this unsavory guy.

So Poker Chick has to ask the obvious question:

Say you're running an illegal, offshore prescription drug scam. You want people to bypass the trusted route of their doctors and pharmacies, look to your dirty salesperson, and order from (or whatever that sign said). Let's just say you're actually the person in charge of marketing for these people.

SAFETY? That's your angle?

Run away, peeps. We're surrounded by idiots.

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Elphie said...

Haha, if I could just get a day through your observant, beautifully cynical eyes. The world would be a much funnier, if not absurd place.