Friday, February 10, 2012

And how do YOU make school lunch?

Most parents we know are constantly on the lookout for new lunch ideas for school.  Between nut free and needing to be healthy, and (in our school at least) kosher/no meat, it's not easy to figure out a lunch.  Even without those rules most kids we know have a repertoire of about 2-3 lunches tops that they will eat at least a little bit of.

We have yet to see a school year where the parents are asking each other for lunch ideas.  But, how far does one go to get their kid to eat lunch?

Recently, we discovered this Pinterest page of "easy lunch ideas".

Who, who, WHO has this kind of time on their hands?
So we ask fellow parents out there, does this look easy to you?  Because we're wondering who the heck has time for this level of effort?! Not that we don't applaud it, but seriously?  Every working parent we know, or stay at home parent for that matter, simply does not have that much time to devote to lunch.  In this house, "extra effort" in lunchmaking means using cookie cutters on sandwiches to try and make them look cute, and when that doesn't work, resorting to note writing telling mini the minimum she needs to eat.  And yes, perhaps a cute drawn animal face does the telling. But still, that's 30-60 extra seconds, tops.

Have we missed out on some secret? Is every other parent out there spending 30 minutes on gourmet lunches.  We continue to waffle between feeling guilty that our laziness efficient 10 minute lunchmaking is impacting our child's nutrition, and feeling smug that we save the extra time that would be wasted when she doesn't eat it anyway.

Is this a city thing? Are suburban peeps spending this much time on their lunchmaking? We'd love to hear people weigh in on this one.   

So we ask: is our bar too low for "easy lunch"? Are we just inept lunchmakers who would take 30 minutes to put together an "easy lunch?"  Or is the real issue the fact that a real "easy lunch" board would just not be nice enough to look at?


(And while you're at it, if anyone has some actual easy school lunch ideas that don't involve meat or nuts, we're all ears...)

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