Thursday, June 14, 2012

Please, Don't Let Me Blink

Today was mini's last day of first grade.  She's definitely not a baby anymore.  So what did this mother do? Yup, same thing mothers have done for generations before us.  Have lunch with a friend and the children and spend the hour lamenting about that fact that you spend all this time taking care of a baby who grows up the second you blink.

Silly woman. She blinked.

It all goes by so fast.

You've heard this cliche before.  You don't understand it until you actually have kids, but it's really true.    However, what they fail to prepare you for, is just how much of your life ends up revolving around theirs.  We're going to botch this explanation horribly, but we'll try to articulate what we mean.

See, their first day of nursery school is your first day of school.  The first day they read on their own, it's just as much a milestone for you.  You begin looking forward to and enjoying their birthdays more than your own.  You get the idea, peeps.

So every year is different.  As they get a year older your life changes in ways you never thought possible.  Your life ceases to revolve around your age, your marital status, your career level, and exists solely on the basis of your child's age, grade, developmental level.  So at the end of first grade, when people tell you what to expect in second grade, they're telling you just as much about how your life will change as how your child's life will.

And so, because your life revolves so much around theirs, the last day of school becomes your last day of school.  So today, we bid goodbye to a first grade we haven't attended, and to a classroom that wasn't ours.  And because they're all growing up faster than you can say "mini", all we can do is sit here quietly, holding our eyes wide open, praying we don't blink.

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