Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are you a Thinker or a Doer?

Faithful readers will have noticed that Poker Chick has entered the next phase of technology. Counters, tables, pictures, what will she think of next? Well she's got something up her sleeve: POLLS! Yes, Poker Chick is currently working on some cutting edge poll technology. Alas, she was not clever enough to figure out said technology in time for this post. Had she done so, you would have been asked to make this website interactive by telling us whether you, reader, are a thinker or doer.

In the meantime, Poker Chick encourages you to post your thoughts. Doer, thinker, whoever you are - let us hear your story!!! Meanwhile, here is hers:

Thinkers vs. Doers
After many years, Poker Chick has finally come to terms that she is not a Doer. She never has been and never will be. Some highly active doers have names for the non-doer: wimp, baby, princess, sissy, lazy-ass, what-have-you. Poker Chick has watched athletes for years with the erroneous impression that these people are somehow better than us frail geeks. This is not so! Poker Chick hereby announces that all people in the world can be divided into two categories: Doers and Thinkers.

How did she arrive at this brilliantly simple conclusion? Observe:
Activities Poker Chick Enjoys.
Watching television and movies.
Reading about television and movies.
Going to theater and ballet.
Shopping (Must be 3 hours or less.)
Doing crossword puzzles.
Reading dirty magazines.
Surfing the web.
Traveling to big cities around the world.
Analyzing people.
Analyzing research and numbers.
Sunning herself.
Exercising. The lying on floor, stretchy, pilates kind.
Walking. The slow, daydreamy kind.
Activities She Does Not Enjoy.
All team sports.
Horseback Riding.
Running at any speed less than 18 mph.

How did Poker Chick learn this, you ask? Well, the big "Aha" came when Poker Chick realized she enjoyed helping her friend re-write a creative brief about hemmorhoidal wipes. Now before you laugh, 'tis true. There are nuances in the anal hygiene category that are indeed quite fascinating. New product launches. Generic competitors. A significant purchase barrier of consumer shame. It's quite a challenge to market such a product. How can one not find this interesting? So yes, Poker Chick would rather do the extra work than she would get up off her ass and get her heart rate up (Sorry, dear readers. She couldn't let that one go). Clearly, she is a thinker.

Are there anomalies? Sure. Poker Chick likes to dance. And swim. But dancing is more the drunken, let's sing-along variety. And while Poker Chick is indeed a most capable swimmer, swimming is more of the "let's float on our backs and look at pretty fishies in the warm water" variety of swimming.

Now Poker Chick fully concedes that doers have many benefits overall. They're generally better looking. Toned, fit, healthy. They're happier (or at least oblivious to their own despair). They enjoy things called "hobbies".

Thinkers, however are often overlooked, and Poker Chick always roots for the underdog. We're small, but powerful. We're often more intelligent, sophisticated and worldly than the average doer. Thinkers are thought-leaders; enjoying quiet success in business, politics, media and more. We may be chicken. We may be soft. You may never want us on your softball team. But we'll kick your ass at poker. And if you put down that racket for a minute, we might even make you laugh.

Personally, Poker Chick would much rather be a thinker.

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