Monday, March 17, 2008

More on Alltop

This other chick has a nice post explaining more about what this Alltop thing is. They're no longer in beta, so check them out. Apparently this site was started by Guy Kawasaki, and they still claim to have found the "best and brightest" bloggers in each category. Now before you go saying that the mom category must have all the mom blogs they could find (how else could Poker Chick find her way here) you might want to take another look. There are lots of blogs here, but not that many, peeps. In fact, many of these other awesome female bloggers are just as shocked (yet flattered). Like Glennia here, for example.

It's rare for Poker Chick to get such objective compliments so we are so honored by Alltop's inclusion, however the heck they made that decision. Please don't kick us off too soon.


Unknown said...

Cream rises.

Anonymous said...

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