Friday, November 7, 2008

Clumsiness runs in the family


Welcome to a special guest blog by....Poker Chick Brother!

So...clumsiness runs in the family. If you are an avid reader of Poker Chick's blog, then you are no stranger to her follies. Although, I am much more athletic (and smooth) than Poker Chick, I too have my bouts with clumsiness - yes me! For those of you who know this anonymous writer it may be hard to believe, but let me dazzle you with short anecdote.


8:27 am - I fumbled through my pocket to take out my wallet (to retrieve my subway ticket) and said wallet fell in a f-ing puddle!

8:28 am - As I bent down to extract my Italian leather wallet from the muddy belt broke - I mean really broke, the buckle flew off and my pants began to sag...

8:29 am - While fumbling through the station in order to catch the departing subway I sneaked in at the last moment but unfortunately someone forgot to tell the door as it slammed with all its might against my manly (albeit rattled) physique

8:31 am - The combination of PC Brother being shaken up, a crowded subway and sudden braking caused me to fall flat on my face!

This succession of events proves, that despite popular belief, Poker Chick Brother is clumsy too...

I guess it must run in the family!

PS - Stay tuned for PC Brother's blog - BTW, in case you were wondering this guest entry is a ruse to steal away PC's readers - kinda of like a Dr. Phil / Oprah situation.....:-)

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