Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Conversation Between A Brother And A Sister

Sister (amidst pity party): "No. No real friends. Bet if I died there'd be no more than 15 people at my funeral".

Brother: "No, c'mon, that's not true."

Sister (shaking her head dramatically): "No, it's true."

Brother (smiling): "No, it's tnot rue. I'd have at least 15 of my friends come to support me".

Sister, laughing out loud. Pity party over.

*Yes, ladies, he's available.


Daniel said...

Wow, what kind of Brother would be callous enough to make a comment like that??!!


Poker Chick Brother

Anonymous said...

there are five people in my family, and we'd all be there. to support your brother, of course.

bernthis said...

Is he single? Cause he is funny and that goes a long with me....:)

Anonymous said...

Some of your friends miss you...