Friday, January 9, 2009

Help! Baking a Birthday Cake Ain't So Easy.

This year the mini requested only one thing for her birthday: a cake free of eggs, nuts and seeds. She was very specific about her desires: it has to be the same cake for everyone. It has to be layers, with chocolate on every layer. And, of course, chocolate icing on top.

Mini tolerated the chocolate chips with the understanding that her mother would remove them all in order for her to be willing to eat it.

Poker Chick used New Year's Eve as an opportunity to "test" a cake. The one on the right was made thanks to the help of Vermont Nut Free chocolate as an ingerdient. Mmmmm. It's definitely the best egg-free chocolate cake she's had. So it is a contender. But not perfect. It tasted ok. But the texture of the cake itself could have been lighter. And the layers (there were two, with icing in between), were so thin, the whole cake was pretty much as tall as one.

And here's the other problem. This cake could serve 6 or 8 kids but not 20. How does one make a cake that looks as impressive as a store-bought "real" sheet cake with a recipe like this? And how does a "non-cook" do that? And by "non-cook", we mean the above is about the best this non-domestic girl could do, and it still took three hours.

Not to put anyone on the spot or anything, but we're hoping some of our allergy-mom friends can offer some been there, done that advice. Whether it be daring bakers, the allergic kid, nut-free mom, or anyone else, we're sure someone out there has been brave enough to bake a cake for a kid's birthday party.



Libby said...

Where's my cape? I don't think I've ever been summoned via Google Reader and/or Alert before!

Delicious chocolate cake, decadent frosting, all this I can do. Light and airy sky high layers? Are you sure she won't accept cupcakes? Or maybe a smaller/standard size layer cake with cupcakes to feed the hordes?

OK, what's the time frame on this? (When's your daughter's birthday?) It might be time to try some of the mixes at or Whole Foods. I've got a homemade chocolate cake recipe I'm fiddling with, but it still needs a little work.

Please email me at allergiesmom(at)gmail(dot)com if I can help.

Anonymous said...

A cake with seeds? Someone call Big Bird.

Ha! Another person suggesting cupcakes!

How about making multiple cakes? Like you can make 3 and write Happy, Birthday, Sydney on them.

bernthis said...

My friend's kid is allergic to dairy and nuts and we found some great cake in the box stuff at Whole Foods and the cake was damn good. Frankly, I don't give a shit what it looks like, taste is everything.