Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slight Change in Plans

How much can you cram into one day before you collapse?

Poker Chick's sick sense of humor must have caused her to ask that question in her subconscious. The whole full-time job mom thing, clearly not challenging enough. No, no.
Today, she went to work early. As if that wasn't enough she was also services by 7:45 am. By 9am she had already eaten gotten to work, cleaned out her inbox, and formally grieved for her mother.

At 3pm she finally at something. At 6pm, having had a very busy day, did she go home? No.
She went to class. Yes, class. For some inexplicable reason, Poker Chick has taken it upon herself to add learning how to write a screenplay into her already overflowing life. Who needs sleep?

Smart peeps who can read between the lines will notice that this leaves little time for blogging.
So writing time will have to be re-focused for a bit. At least while the first draft of a screenplay starts coming together. And we all know screenwriting is the de rigeur job loss backup plan. Some prepare their resumes just in case. Poker Chick is going to prepare a screenplay.

This means you are all faced with a decision:

  1. Suffer Poker Chick withdrawal for some time OR
  2. Be forced to read random scenes in lieu of blog entries and offer constructive criticsm.

Pick your poison, please.

1 comment:

Gray Matter said...

Yay for you! I am so proud that you are actually doing the screen writing class. Oooh! Can I become your personal assistant/BFF who you thank when you accept your Oscar and then who you get a project Green Lit for so that I can return the favor upon accepting my statuette?
Or whatever. I haven't given it THAT much