Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poker Chick Ponders...

It's past midnight. The alarm is set for 5am as the family is leaving for summer vacation tomorrow. The packing did not begin until 10pm, when this girl returned from her writing group (a.k.a. reason for not posting, also known as the reason you will be glad to say you read her first one day). And what is Poker Chick doing? Networking online, filling out applications for membership to ultra-exclusive professional networks.

Why does this have to be done now, you ask? Excellent question.

In the meantime, we're pleased to report to loyal readers that after 7-8 weeks and several calls to the organization itself the test scores finally arrived. Now on to the fun work of interpreting the numbers and figures that returned. Not to worry. The application process for the 2010-2011 school year only starts in...August. Plenty of time. You peeps are so smart. You now understand why this girl needs a vacation, pronto!

The mini does not know she's in for her first trip to Disneyworld next week. Will she love it or be overwhelmed? Will there be tantrums? And if so, who will fall apart first - mother, or daughter?
Stay tuned....

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I saw your comment on Food Allergy moma's site and ahd to let you know that I too had to deal with a public school that would NOT make exceptions for his allergy...if its not peanuts the school seems incapable of helping. ThHe first day of kindergarten I walked him to the classroom snack in hand just in case and sure enough (knowing that she had a food allergic kid in class) the teacher had a bag of goldfish to serve the kids for snack...I had a flash of 20 5 yr olds eating the milk laden crackers then going about touching everything in site...causing my delicate milk, egg and nut allergic baby to swell and get sent to the ER...after bursting into tears with frustration I got the teacher to agree to give the kids the box of snacks I bad brought and to work with the nurse and I to come up with a list of foods allowed in the classroom...I ran to the grocery store and wrote down EVERY snack food he can have and that list went out to every mom the next day.
Hold on, your school will HAVE to adapt to your daughter's needs! Its been 3 yrs for us and the rules have continued to change to better accomodate my son and his safety!
Best of luck!