Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Cookies for people with food allergies that actually taste like cookies

We had the recent pleasure of devouring elegantly tasting some new products from Home Free Treats.  A little about Home Free:  the company was started by a mom who has a child with food allergies and like many of us, was frustrated by the lack of options out there.
These were our favorite. Shocking, we know.

Mini was most excited at this project, as she rarely gets store-bought cookies, if ever.  One of the downsides of having a mother who can bake, we suppose.  But these are lazy-day alternatives we can actually feel good about: they have more whole grains and less "bad" ingredients than most store bought treats, and, as mini pointed out "they have fruit, they are made with apple juice!"  (side note, if any of you have followed our adventures in trying to get mini to eat fruit, you will understand the pathetic significance of this statement).  They are also kosher, which is cool for some of you.

We were able to try the mini vanilla, chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies, all of them deliciously crunchy.  We laid out 3 cookies for each person, and a glass of regular milk for dipping the chocolate cookies in, and chocolate milk for dipping the vanilla cookies in.  (Please use rice milk or nothing if you have a dairy allergy instead!)

The verdict: YUM! Seriously, all three, gobbled up quickly.  We especially appreciated that the vanilla cookies came in a box filled with little individual portion bags, like many of you who buy goldfish snack bags may be familiar with.  It's super convenient, especially if you are buying for more than one kid.

Our only request: please make individual bags for the chocolate chocolate ones too!

Since other companies are starting to get hip to the ideas that there is a market for allergy-friendly cookies, we have also put together this complete list of treats you can buy that are both allergy friendly and kosher.  We will keep this list up as a link in our "blogroll" and will be sure to update it when we can.

*Full disclosure: the cookies were provided to us from the Home Free Company, but all comments, thoughts and opinions are solely courtesy of Poker Chick.  Thanks, Home Free peeps, for letting us try your food!

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