Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and The Dairy

We interrupt the seriousness of late to bring you a special edition of....Poker Chick in Israel!

Today's edition is a series of brief summary points.  Stay tuned for a longer post in a day or two.

The good
True to our disorganized spontaneous style, we took a last-minute opportunity to visit with family in Israel over the holiday weekend.  Good way to scope out places to bring the mini to next time.

We finally logged into email to find out that Condolence Call placed in yet another screenplay competition! Nice, random surprise.

Enjoying a typical Tel Aviv Shavuot agenda:
   11:30 brunch at Brasserie
   13:00 Gordon beach
   16:00 roof party 

The bad
Last minute ticket to Israel = most expensive middle coach seat you'll ever buy.

No advance plans means sleeping on an airbed with no blankets on a dirty living room floor with no shades on the windows. Oy.

The dairy
Landed just in time to make it to a special pre-Shavuot Shabbat dairy lunch with 12 of our closest cousins (5 of them children).   Mmmm.....blintzes......

The just-plain-odd
Spending time with a woman who lives in Immanuel.  Wow is life different there.

Looking for a pharmacy open on Shabbat (there are whole listings in the Tel Aviv paper devoted to this topic).   Still, it's a must.  Beach without sunscreen here = death wish.

Sitting here writing with windows open, busy street below, a cool breeze, and....wait, is that techno music we hear in the background!? Never mind, we're in Tel Aviv, that isn't odd at all.

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