Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You know you're working too late when....

1) Your staff starts calling you "Home Slice"
2) The pizza doesn't get ordered until 10:30PM
3) You insert nonsensical phrases in your presentation just to keep everyone awake such as: "Ads are female-targeted. Short hairstyles and mom jeans ensure relevance to the modern woman’s life"
4) Your whole team is excited when page 3 is finally done. Page 3 is the Agenda.
5) 30 minutes are spent on IM figuring out a better title.
6) You've forgotten the difference between media spending and sales
7) You think "patent" refers to a type of shoe leather
8) Discussions get heated about how casinos keep people awake and where you can get extra oxygen. Now!
9) You have to tell a colleague's sister to stop calling so you can do more work
10) You keep saying "tomorrow" when technically it's "today"


Okie said...

lol...I can relate to all of those with slightly different context...from my days in the video game world. The all nighters were both a lot of fun and also painful.

I'm largely glad to be out of that environment and thus in a standard "nine to five"...but at the same time, I miss the fun and excitement of a team pulling together for hours and hours of late night excitement to finish up that project (even if sometimes those hours and hours lasted for weeks and weeks of late nighters)

Emily said...

What does it say about my life that I cannot relate at all?